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Technology enables corporate secretaries to maximize the value added to their clients and safeguards all sensitive documents and correspondence.

We know that running a corporate secretary firm comes up with a set of business challenges that you want to tackle on a daily basis. All you need is a business partner who understands the needs of your clients and ensures that you are making a breakthrough in your industry.

Timely Response

Management commonly asks corporate secretary to retrieve past board papers. Without clear documentation and sound processes, sifting through months or years of old reports can take hours.

Data Security

Corporate secretaries are privy to organizations’ most sensitive strategic, legal and commercial information. Access to documents, such as board report and minutes must be protected in an effective yet flexible way.

Increasing Job Complexity

Gone are the days when company secretary means only secretarial duties. Most companies offer services ranging from project planning to financial management. They need a smart resource planning tool when delivering a broader range of services. 

Your Virtual COO Solution Designed for your Firm

Proactive Job Monitoring

From your office post-it billboard to a virtual Kanban board. You can easily plan, assign and monitor all job tasks of your teams in one single cloud-based interactive board.

Project management service for effective and strategic planning.

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All-in-One Job History

From piles of papers to a virtual intelligent filing. All historical documents, emails and chat messages are easily accessible and searchable on our cloud-based platform.

Knowledge management service for seamless collaboration & communication.

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Complex Time Tracking and Billing

From spreadsheets to a smart accounting solution. At anytime, you can easily create, edit, approve all timesheets, expenses and invoices of your teams in one single application.

Comprehensive time tracking and billing service for effective accounting management.

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